Aldo Maresca


 Aldo Maresca was born in Sorrento, Italy. He lived there with his parents, Pasquale and Anna Maresca.  Aldo recalls being very close to his father, with both being very big fans of Formula One racing.  Despite their love of Ferraris, the family could not afford a car.  Their only mode of transportation was a scooter. Aldo worked very hard at whatever job he could find, but life was hard for Aldo.     In October 1993, at the age of 26, he moved to the United States. Upon his arrival in San Francisco, Aldo worked as a busboy at two San Francisco restaurants – Café Muggia (now closed) and Ristorante Bacco. Things started looking up for Aldo and in 1995, he married Barbara Lonsbury. In 1996, Aldo opened La Strada Ristorante Italiano in Los Gatos, California. Unfortunately, he had to close the restaurant because the property was sold. It later became a hotel across the street from the Los Gatos High Sschool. Aldo received an offer to work in the new hotel’s restaurant, but turned it down because he did not want to be tied down. In 1999, Aldo opened Aldo’s Ristorante & Bar at its current location on Winchester Blvd. and Knowles Dr. in Los Gatos, which has been a very successful venue for Aldo.  

 Aldo's philosophy is to work hard, believe in your dreams and achieve things you didn't think were possible. This philosophy made both him and his restaurant a success. The restaurant is visited daily by movers and shakers from all over the Bay area including, judges, police chiefs and, most importantly, Aldo’s friends.  The restaurant has become a magnet where friends gather to dine on fantastic Italian food while enjoying the ambience of the special restaurant. The food is excellent - cooked with love and passion. Aldo often cooks special dishes as requested by his customers.  He has many devoted customers and friends who visit his restaurant regularly.   Aldo also has a love of cars, especially Ferraris, carried through from his childhood. In 2006, Aldo purchased a racing Ferrari 308, designed by Michelotto, which has been displayed in numerous car shows. He also purchased a 1970 Ferrari Dino. Aldo had the Dino completely restored and won two platinum awards in the Concorso Italiano at the Laguna Seca Golf Ranch. The Dino also won a best-in-class award at the Palo Alto Concours d’Elegance. In 2012, Aldo purchased a Ferrari 360 which he had wrapped in a flat red finish. He only drives this vehicle for pleasure.    

Aldo is an extremely happy man! Not only does he have a successful business, but he also has a loving wife and two daughters who adore him. Aldo is fond of saying, "A good woman completes a man".   Aldo's head waiter, Eric Portillo, is not only Aldo's employee but a good friend. He has been working for Aldo for 13 years and describes Aldo as a great family man, a fantastic cook and a man of great character. Another employee, Francesco Palumpo, has known Aldo since December 1999 when he first started working for him. Francesco is also a native of Sorrento, Italy and describes Aldo as being like a brother to him. Francesco says that when Aldo arrives at the restaurant, the whole vibe changes because people are happy to see him and eager to talk with him.    Aldo is a true example of a great human being and one who has achieved the American Dream.  Upon first arriving to this country, Aldo had no money and could not speak English; but he had a goal and achieved it through hard work and determination.         

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